What is The Wine Visa?

The Wine Visa is a members-only program for “Travelers who love wine and wine lovers who travel.” The Wine Visa is not a “wine club”, where members must make a commitment to purchase wine in set amounts without knowing in advance what they are buying. Rather, with The Wine Visa, members can select from dozens of renown wineries and choose exactly the wines they wish to purchase. In many cases, they receive the same discounts as wine club members. But there’s more. Wine Visa members also get access to over 125,000 hotels worldwide where they can save up to 60% off market prices. The Wine Visa, then, represents the best of wine clubs and travel clubs in one package.


What are my benefits as a member of The Wine Visa?

In addition to savings on wine and hotels, members of The Wine Visa will receive invitations to special events hosted by the participating wineries and third parties. These include wine tastings, wine and food festivals and more. Members also receive email notification when participating wineries have special lots of wines they wish to sell at very attractive prices. And finally, in some cases, members of The Wine Visa are able to buy wines or join wine clubs not currently available to the public. Over time, we will add even more benefits to the program.


Am I buying the wine from The Wine Visa?

No, members purchase wines directly from the wineries, who ship the wine to their homes. The Wine Visa does not handle the purchase or shipping of wines to consumers in compliance with Federal and State laws. 


Can I buy wine for home delivery anywhere in the US?

No. Every state has different laws regarding the delivery of wine to consumers at home. In addition, not all participating wineries deliver to every state where doing so is legal. Please refer to the “Ship To” section of each winery and wine description to confirm they ship to your state.


Why is it that some wineries don’t deliver to my state in the summer?

Some wineries suspend deliveries to certain states in the summer due to excessive heat. These states can include Arizona, Nevada, Texas and other states where summertime temperatures may easily top 100 degrees. This is because trucks delivering wine “the last mile”, i.e. in your hometown, are often not air conditioned. Wine can be damaged if it sits in a hot vehicle for more than an hour or two. If a winery won’t ship to your state during the summer months, they will be happy to do so when cooler temperatures arrive in the fall.


What happens if my wine is damaged when it arrives?

Our members buy wine directly from the winery so in the event of a problem regarding your purchase, we suggest you contact the winery directly. Our participating wineries are committed to customer satisfaction and we are confident they will resolve any issue. In the event that a member is not happy with the response of a participating winery, please contact our customer service department and we will endeavor to provide timely assistance.


My promo code didn’t work.

Please contact our Customer Service Department and we will resolve the problem with the winery and let you know when you can make your purchase.


How do I renew my membership?

We will automatically renew your membership using the card you provided. If you wish to cancel your membership or not renew, please let us know via email and your membership will lapse at the end of the current year.

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